About Us

1970: Being employees of Meka, we started contributing to Turkish Industry 46 years ago by home and mass production of VEMA PNEUMATICS brand. 

In a short term we were proud of delivering products that are superior to many world brands to the world market.

1996: As scientific and technologic facilities developed, we have aimed ourselves to use these possibilities to further the competition power of Turkish industry in the world and to minimize external dependence.

We have improved our company’s accumulation of knowledge and experience in many specialties such as Hydraulics, Mechatronics, Automation, Electronics, Construction and other engineering branches.

We have believed that the way to be strong in the world market was through the training of young engineers and we made our company a bridge between universities and industry.

2015: We keep going to become one of the best companies in the world market by continuously designing and producing special machines for the needs of many different sectors on the way from product output to the technology production.

2025: By accomplishing our MEKA ACADEMY dream, we will provide to trained young engineers who are needed by Turkish industry, to have professional experience in a short time in our company. These young engineers will carry our country to the future by working at different positions in our company and in Turkish industry.

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